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Welcome to Digital Maxim. We are a specialty eBooks publisher and we strive our best to bring you the best sellers from all around the world to your favorite eReader device instantly, at affordable prices.

What We Do

Discover how Digital Maxim can help you reach your publishing dreams.


Publish With Us

World Class Publisher

Digital Maxim, as a 'state-of-the-art' publishing house, provides end-to-end solutions for authors and enabling their presence in both digital and print media around the world.

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eBook Conversion

Cutting Edge Technology

Digital Maxim has cutting edge technology infrastructure and proven workflow processes in place for converting variety of content to major industry standard eBook formats such as Amazon's Kindle, Apple's iBooks etc.

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Other Services

Not Just eBooks

With our vast experience in managing complete End-to-End Pre-Press solutions for our customers, we offer the following services:

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